"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony;..."

Revelation 12:11

Healing Miracle

God healed me of blood clots on the brain. The doctors operated on my brain after a hard fall. I fell off my front steps and hit my head on the concrete in the front of my house. 

After the surgery was complete, the doctors discovered blood clots on my brain. God allowed me to come to church and go back to work not knowing that I had blood clots on my brain. I would hear in my head something that sound like water running. I ask my pastor to pray for me that God would heal my body. After prayer, I was healed I did not realize that I was healed until a few weeks later when I noticed that I did not hear running  water in my head any longer. 

I would like to testify that I am a miracle woman. I am going about my daily activities.

I have heard of others that experienced the identical surgery and did not survive. 

Why sit and die when you can live?

If you can only believe!

Faith and Obedience

When I accepted Christ into my life, I was losing weight. I continued to go to church on Sunday and the weekdays in spite of my illness. When the pastor would call the saints up for prayer, I kept getting in the prayer line. The pastor prayed for me almost every time I came to church and one day I discovered that the Lord had healed my body and I was able to go back to work. My friends that worked with me in the steel mill were amazed because they were expecting to hear that I had died. Nevertheless, God had another plan for my life. I have continued attending church and has returned to work. 


The Grace of God


God’s grace has brought me this far. God has miraculously healed my body from various illnesses since 2013 and up to this present time.

I was sick with a bleeding conditon and God healed me in January 2013. In October 2014, I had an unbearable headache and my mother and a family friend prayed for me while I was waiting for the ambulance to arrive to take me to the hospital. After arriving at the hospital, the tests determined that I had a brain aneurysm and I needed immediate emergency surgery. My God took me through that surgery and healed my body. The doctors indicated that it was rare for anyone to live after that type of surgery. But Look at me now and see what God has done in my life. In September 2015, I needed another surgery. This time I was having difficulty seeing in my right eye. The doctor said that my eye looked as if a pizza had exploded all over the place. Again God healed me from that surgery and I thank God that I still have some vision in that eye.

I have been blessed to have family and friends in my life that believe in the power of prayer. I especially am thankful for a praying mother that believes in God and has taught me to believe that God is all powerful and he can do anything but fail. I am giving honor to God for blessing me with a wonderful spirit filled mother, Mother Katie Dennis, a woman of faith. I am a walking miracle and I thank God for everything he has done in my life.