First Lady

Mother Marshall’s mother brought her up worshiping God. Her mother believed in true serving and worshiping God . She taught her daughter, at an early age, how to have faith in God and trust him no matter what the circumstance. When Mother Marshall moved to Gary, IN, she met and married Bishop and to this union two children were born, a son and a daughter who is a success in their own right.

Mother Marshall is a powerful no nonsense missionary. Her style of teaching is to let the chips fall where they may. She believes in spreading the word of God whenever she has the opportunity.

Mother Marshall started a bible-reading ministry at her church where she engaged people to read the entire bible by reading several chapters a day. She has been successful in her endeavor to teach people about God.

In Mother Marshall's personal life, she has worked for a university in Indiana as the Associate Vice President of Financial Aid. She received her Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) in August 2007. Mother Marshall is now working towards her Doctorate Program in Educational Organizational Leadership.

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Teaching and Expounding the Word of God !

Sunday School Superintendent

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